What is First Gen Day?

That was the task to answer. I had the opportunity to lead a team of creatives to spread awareness about first generation college students and advertise UWA’s Student Support Services First Gen Ceremony.

The official logo of UWA First Generation Students.

Hex Code: #ac212d

Designed by Graphic Designer Matthew Narveaz-Paz


Are you First Gen?

In order to host an event dedicated for First Generation students, we had to find them first. Many students aren’t aware that they fit the requirements of being a first gen student. To solve this issue, I launched a multimedia campaign using social media and on-campus monitors educating those on what exactly a “First Gen” student is.

How did we do it?

To create the illusion that we were writing on the camera, we used a clear dry-erase board and framed the camera in the perfect position. With a few lighting tricks and the proper angle, we were able to successfully produce the effect.

In post production, the raw footage was flipped so the words wouldn’t be backwards.


The logo and branding were put on shirts, water bottles, bags of chips, cups, and backdrops.

Collaborated with the UWAConnect Instagram and Tiktok account. The Tiktok garnered nearly 1500 views.

Jacquez, Thank you for you leadership and hard work. You have made this very succesful.

Tanzie Brown & Andrea Farquhar

Director of TRIO Student Support Services, Fli Society

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