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Room 109

by Jacquez Deloach & Rudy Wade | https://anchor.fm/jacandrudy

Room 109 is a twisted, time-bending experience that takes listeners on a psychological roller coaster through the mind of a serial  killer.

Created and voiced by Jacquez Deloach and Rudy Wade.

Is this truly The End?




Time is an illusion. There are not enough minutes in the world to capture all the time we spend running. All the time we spend dreaming. Can we really prove we truly even exist? Should we?

We all run from our demons. The little monsters that keeps us moving forward because hesitation only gets you killed. At what point do we become the monster we try so hard to hide from. Trapped in a never ending mental prison with no way out.

How about taking a rest at everyone’s favorite hotel? Just make sure to stay away from Room 10-

The Rise Of The Macabre

by Matthew Narvaez-Paz and D'Anthony Lang

The Rise of the Macabre is a police, action drama full of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Created by Matthew Narvaez-Paz & D’Anthony Lang

Voiced by Matthew Narvaez-Paz, D’Anthony Lang, Jacquez Deloach,  Cameron Jones.


A city full of life is also a city full of death. Every move I make could be my last. Is it a blessing or a curse that I’ve made it this far.

Am I even cut out for this? Is this all a mistake? Why would anyone voluntarily put their life on the line for good while simultaneously being the biggest enemy in town.

Is this the price I must pay to bring justice to this corrupt city? Is this the price I must pay to make something out of my life? Is this the price I must pay in order to put an end to the Rise of The Macabre.

Listen to The Rise Of The Macabre Below

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